FAQs Sell

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you with your application to join us.

I have an existing e-commerce store, can I still join?

Yes, we welcome you to join us even if you have an existing e-commerce store or an e-store on other online marketplaces. However, as part of fair competition, our rules and regulations disallow our artisans to price their products on matcha5 higher than any of their other e-stores.

Additionally, we do not allow fee avoidance activities on matcha5. When found to engage in fee avoidance activities, matcha5 artisan will be removed from our platform.

Examples of fee avoidance activities:

  1. i) Encouraging shoppers to purchase the same items listed in your Matcha5 shop from another online selling venue.
  2. ii) Posting an announcement in an empty shop that directs shoppers to another online selling venue.

iii) Completing a transaction off matcha5 once it has been initiated on the site

Can I use matcha5 purely as a marketing platform?

No. As much as we endeavour to drive high traffic to our platform in order to bring regular demand for our underprivileged and rural artisans to sustain livelihood, we do not allow our artisans to use matcha5 purely as a marketing platform to drive purchase on their other online selling venue. Such will be considered fee avoidance activity and matcha5 artisans found to do so will be removed from our platform.

We highly encourage you to partner and work with matcha5 as a proper online selling channel. It is matcha5’s desire to help our artisans grow through providing the technology, training, support, marketing reach and community engagement. This includes tips on pricing, product photography, and international shipping options. To apply to join us, click here.

Why did I not receive any response after submitting an application to be a matcha5 artisan?

Please kindly allow 1 week of processing time for us to get back to you on your application. However, should you not receive any response from us after 1 week, please ensure that your email spam and junk filters recognise as a safe contact so you can receive our email response.

What are the criteria for joining matcha5 as an artisan?

Please kindly refer to Why Join Us which details criteria to see if your profile fits what we are looking for. However, if you are still unsure, feel free to drop an application or email and we will get back on you to see if we can work something out.

What are the fees for joining matcha5?

We seek to enable rural and underprivileged artisans to set up their own e-store at no cost and in the easiest manner. However, we charge a fee based on every successful purchase transaction to further our operations as a business. To find out more about the fees, please refer to Why Join Us.

Where do I need to be based in to join as a matcha5 artisan?

Technically, you can be based anywhere in the world to join our global online marketplace! However, one of our criteria is that you will need to have regular internet access.

Additionally, in terms of order fulfilment, you need to be able to ship internationally. If you are unsure of what shipping options you have to reach global markets, feel free to drop us an email for consultation. Part of what matcha5 does with artisans is to give advice in terms of international shipping options.