Purple Stripe Pet Bowtie

US$ 19.50

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  • Handmade with love for your adorable pet!
  • Adjustable velcro closure for an easy and comfortable fit
  • Material: Cotton
  • Ship overseas from Philippines

Purple Stripe Pet Bowtie

US$ 19.50

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Product Description

Dress up your little darlings with these adorable pet bowties.
Has an adjustable velcro closure for an easy and comfortable fit.

Origin of Weave: Bangued, Abra
Material Used: Cotton
Weave Type: Tiniri

NECKLINE: 18″, velcro closure
BOW: 4″ x 2″

The Abra Weaving Community/ “Mang-Abel Ti Abra” is comprised of 35-45 women artisan weavers rigorously weaving fabrics out of scrap thread purchased per kilo from a nearby town. The self-organized cooperative has already been in business for the past ten years selling to middlemen, trade shows, bazaars and crafts markets in the capital or in the city before ANTHILL’s engagement. These business activities did not usually provide fair earnings for them due to high cost of transportation and manpower. The community was doing their own product development based on the usual product line in the market using indigenous fabrics for home furnishings.

ANTHILL was challenged to increase the value of these raw materials and make them wearable in mainstream everyday fashion. Since 2010, ANTHILL has reinvested 4 weaving loom for younger generations of women to practice on so they will be enticed to learn the skill. ANTHILL also pays 20% more of their selling price to ensure fair wages. ANTHILL works to increase the number of younger generation of weavers through a master and apprentice program.


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Anya Lim
shop owner

ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/ Training Hub for Indigenous/ Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers) Fabric Gallery preserves and promotes Philippine hand woven fabrics among younger generations through contemporary design applications to provide sustainable livelihood among community enterprises. ANTHILL supports business development, product design and provides market access. The main…


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