Why Shop With Us

Connect directly with artisans around the world

Everything hand-made item you buy from matcha5 comes directly from the artisans all around the world, from rural communities inaccessible by public transportation, to shelters in the heart of cosmopolitan cities.

Connect with these artisans directly by reading their life stories, leaving product reviews with constructive comments and suggestions to help them improve, or even ask questions – from what materials are the product made of to where they get their product inspirations from! The artisans themselves will get back to you.

Find inspirational, stylish, one-of-a-kind gifts

We strive to integrate style with entrepreneurship and progress. While we focus on building a platform for artisans to showcase their work and build a business, we are firm believers that style cannot be compromised.

Be a style advocate and join the social movement. Beauty and doing good goes hand in hand.

Sustain the livelihood of underprivileged artisans

By shopping at matcha5, you help create demand for artisans’ products that contribute towards a social cause such as eradicating poverty, supporting disabled and HIV artisans, as well as those trapped in sex trafficking.

We started matcha5 to enable artisans to set up their own e-store at no cost and run it in easiest manner on a single online platform where high traffic is directed. We give them direct access to global consumers.

Working closely with artisans regularly, we help them acquire business skills such as pricing, marketing strategies, shipping options, product photography to run their own businesses indepedently in the long run, creating sustainability.